Fior di Muschio – Reed Diffuser


Flower note of roses and green mandarine embellished by amber seeds.

Base notes: Amber Seeds, American Cedar Wood, Moroccan Cedar Wood, Ebony Wood, Sandal Wood, Burnt Malt, Florentine Iris.

Heart notes: Star Anise, Ylang-ylang from Comoros, Cedar Leaves, Muscat sage, Lily of the Valley.

Head notes: Sweet Orange, Damask Rose, Cypress, Green Mandarin, Litsea Cubeba (Laurel Wax)

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According to Millefiori, Zona collection represents the sublime magic of the senses: the perfect harmony of the fragrances that are integrated in the space with the maximum equilibrium.

The Zona line features soft, delicate fragrances that are sensual and inviting. The impalpable scents float through the room like an elegant, discreet whisper.

100ml or 250ml

Fragrance for up to approx. 2 months or longer.

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100ml, 250ml


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