Natural Range

Natural has a simple, colorful range of fragrances, perfect for adding a personal touch to everyone’s home.

Natural collection tells about evocative moments and welcoming atmospheres through the choice of colors and fragrances.

Via Brera Range

Millefiori Via Brera takes its name from one of most historical and fascinating streets of Milan, full of artistic recalls.

The same refined and stylish mood is reflected in diffusers’ decoration and details.

Zona Range

Total white is its color.
Essentiality is its word.

Zona collection represents the sublime magic of the senses: the perfect harmony of the fragrances that are integrated in the space with the maximum equilibrium.

The Zona line features soft, delicate fragrances that are sensual and inviting. The impalpable scents float through the room like an elegant, discreet whisper.

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